WILMINGTON, Calif. — March 27, 2014 — Wilmington marina occupants and local boat owners at the Port of Los Angeles are now enjoying the new Wilmington Marina Parkway, three acres of landscaped promenade along Anchorage and Shore roads, just west of the Terminal Island Freeway SR-103, in Wilmington.

“I thank the Port of Los Angeles for ensuring voices of Wilmington boaters are being heard loud and clear,” said 15th District Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino at the grand opening. “They’ve given another piece of the Port back to the beloved Wilmington community with this project.”

Nearby marinas with immediate access to the parkway include California Yacht, Cerritos Yacht, Island Yacht Anchorage, Holiday Harbor, and Lighthouse Landing marinas. The parkway abuts the former Colonial Yacht Anchorage Marina, now vacant, which is the designated site for the future Wilmington Youth Sailing Center.

The most important part of this space is the police enforcement aspect,” said Dave Arian, Vice President, Los Angeles Harbor Commission. “The Port not only builds parks, we maintain and police these areas too, keeping the Wilmington community safe and secure.”

“This parkway is truly a hidden treasure,” said Gary Lee Moore, Interim Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles. “I’m proud of the Port team members who transformed this area, and we remain committed to maintaining it for years to come.”

Amenities include landscaping and irrigation, with more than 200 trees and 2,500 shrubs planted along 2,000 feet of a paved, meandering path. Picnic tables, park benches, trash/recycle receptacles with built in solar-powered trash compactors, and pet stations add to the visitor-friendly environment.

Construction began in June 2013 and was completed by Pima Construction in February, at a total cost of $1.2 million, paid by the Port through China Shipping mitigation funding. For more information, visit www.lawaterfront.org.

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