Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Interim Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Strafford
Jeffrey Strafford is the Director of Financial Planning and Analysis and Interim Chief Financial Officer for the Port of Los Angeles, the No. 1 container port in the nation and — with its AA bond rating and “stable” outlook — the highest rated U.S. seaport operating without tax support.
With an annual adopted budget that exceeds $2 billion, the Port of Los Angeles is fiscally sound and aims to access capital in the most cost-effective manner possible. Appointed in September 2017, Strafford leads the division that administers the annual budget process for the department, including the formulation of the overall salaries and benefits and revenue budgets, analyzes the financial viability of investment projects, and performs long-term financial planning at the Port.
Within the overall finance function, Strafford is also responsible for developing and optimizing the Port’s Enterprise Resource Planning system, including serving as a core team member on the department’s current cloud migration project. He previously managed the Port’s Budget Section, successfully maintaining a balanced budget for the Port since 2012.
Prior to joining the Port in 2011, Strafford worked in private-industry and for the City’s Office of Finance and Department of Recreation and Parks in fields including data management, systems analysis, revenue collection, and purchasing, all of which prepared him for a career in finance.
A native Angeleno, Strafford has a degree in business management economics from University of California, Santa Cruz. When not working, he likes to explore Yosemite with his family.