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Forms and Permits: Application for Port Permits


The Application for Port Permit (APP) is the mechanism used by the Harbor Department to initiate the internal review process for all projects ultimately leading to the issuance of a permit(s). A project is defined as any event, activity, development, and/or work of construction within the Harbor District.


The Applicant should read the Instructions for Filing an Application for Port Permit prior to submitting the application as it provides detailed information on what to expect from the APP process.


An APP must be submitted to the Harbor Department by the Applicant. The Applicant is the person that proposes to carry out a project that seeks a permit or other Agreement for use of Harbor Department property. All forms must be signed by the Applicant or an Authorized Representative of the Applicant. An Authorized Representative is an individual that has the authority to act as the Applicant’s representative and to bind the Applicant in all matters concerning the APP. Proof of authorization will be required for Authorized Representatives.


There are different application forms to be filled out depending on the nature of your project. All required forms should be filled out as completely as possible.

For Events the Applicant must submit the following form:

For Development Projects the Applicant must submit the following forms:

A Development Project is one that changes the density or intensity of the use of land, affects access to the water, or involves construction, reconstruction, demolition, or any alteration within the Harbor District. Events that involve fencing, bleachers, and/or stage setup require a Harbor Engineer Permit and therefore are a Temporary Development under the Coastal Act. As such, these events are treated as Development Projects.

For Non-Development Projects the Applicant must submit the following forms:

Non-Development Projects include new leases or permits, lease or permit renewals, lease or permit amendments, events, parking requests for events, and foreign trade zone agreements.


Depending on the nature of the project, in addition to the forms, the Applicant will have to submit one of the following checklists (the checklist includes additional information you must submit with your application):

For Development Projects:


For Non-Development Projects


APP for Development Projects have a standard, non-refundable fee of $500. Fees can only be paid by check or money order payable to the City of Los Angeles Harbor Department.  Please note that in addition to the $500 fee, other Development Project costs may apply (see instruction manual for more detailed information).

APP for Non-Development Projects; no fee applies.

APP processing time frame

Projects that have an agreement/lease in place and are exempt from both California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analysis and a Coastal Development Permit can be permitted within thirty (30) to sixty (60) days from the time the APP is deemed complete. Projects that require the issuance of a new agreement/lease or the preparation of an environmental document may take considerably longer.


We are unable to accept electronic applications or attachments at this time. The APP forms can be submitted in person or by mail.

To submit in person:

Planning & Strategy Division
City of Los Angeles Harbor Department
425 S. Palos Verdes Street
San Pedro, CA 90731

To submit by mail:

City of Los Angeles Harbor Department
Planning & Strategy Division
P.O. Box 151
San Pedro, CA 90733-0151


Planning & Strategy Division at (310) 732-3850 or by emailing developmentpermits@portla.org with questions or comments.

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