West Basin Container Terminal - Yang Ming

Berths 121-131

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(Berths 121-131)

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation is a marine transport company that operates the West Basin Container Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. Yang Ming has been a Port of Los Angeles tenant since 1996. Headquartered in Taiwan, Yang Ming operates a fleet of nearly 100 vessels with locations all over the world. Transliterated from its two Chinese characters 陽明, Yang Ming refers to the sun and lightness. Yang is the sun, and Ming is the combination of the sun and the moon and often denotes brightness, clarity, or enlightenment.

Terminal Features
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containerized cargo; wheeled and grounded operation
186 acres (75 hectares)
2500’ total berth length
2 berths
45' water depth
5 post-Panamax cranes
transtainers, sidehandlers, tophandlers, forklifts, UTRs, bombcarts
maintenance and repair
Alternative Maritime Power® (AMP®)
on-dock rail
Appointment System: Imports, Exports (limited); Voyager Track
Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®)
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Terminal Improvements

Environmental Review Process

The Port of Los Angeles has initiated the environmental review process on a proposed berth-improvement project by Yang Ming. The environmental process formally began with a Notice of Preparation released in 2014, the first step in Yang Ming's plan to enhance its terminal facilities and deepen its berths to accommodate 14,000 Twenty Foot Equivalent (TEU) vessels and increase cargo volume. As part of the agreement, the Port plans improvements at the terminal, including construction of a new 1,260 linear foot wharf at Berths 126-129, dredging to a depth of -53 feet at the newly constructed wharf, and expansion of the existing on-dock rail yard.
Yang Ming Marine Transport

2050 John S. Gibson Blvd.
Berths 121-131
San Pedro, CA  90731
(310) 732-5536

Shipping Lines
Yang Ming
Ocean Network Express