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Port of Los Angeles Master Plan

The objective of the Port Master Plan is to establish policies and guidelines to direct the future development of the Port of Los Angeles. The Plan is designed to better promote and safely accommodate foreign and domestic waterborne commerce, navigation and fisheries in the national, state and local public interest. The Plan also provides for additional public recreation facilities within the Port of Los Angeles consistent with sound and compatible port planning.

Port Master Plan With Amendments, As Revised, June 2002

PMP Title Coast Commission Certification Date
Original Port of Los Angeles Port Master Plan April, 1980
Table of Contents
Amendment 2 Commercial Fishing Industry Plan June, 1981
Amendment 3 Risk Management Plan  November, 1983
Amendment 4 Guidelines for Implementation  August, 1982
Amendment 6 Master Planning Area 9, 190-Acre Landfill Site June, 1983
Amendment 7 Terminal Way Parcel, Boundary and Land Use  August, 1983
Amendment 8 Map Revision to Area 2 and Area 6 June, 1984
Amendment 9 Slip 228 Dike and Fill November, 1984
Amendment 10 Terminal Way Parcel, General Cargo Land-Use  April, 1985
Amendment 12 Piers 300/400 April, 1993
Amendment 13 1.4 Acre Landfill at Pier 300 June, 1994
Amendment 14 General Cargo Use in Fish Harbor Parcel August, 1995
Amendment 15 Harbor Landfill Mitigation Credit Account October, 1996
Amendment 16 Banning's Landing Project at Head of Slip 5 in Wilmington October, 1996
Amendment 17 Phase II- PIER 400 Landfill and Deep Water Channels April, 1997
Amendment 19 Main Channel Deepening Project May, 1998
Amendment 21 Channel Deepening and Fill Project, Increased Depth and New Landfills May, 2002
Amendment 23 West Channel/Cabrillo Marina Phase II Development Project January, 2006
Amendment 24 Main Channel Deepening Project, Modifications and New Disposal Sites October, 2009
Amendment 25 China Shipping Container Terminal Land Use Designation and Landfill  November, 2009
Amendment 26 LA Waterfront Land Use Additions, Minor Fills and New Harbors August, 2011
Amendment 28 Comprehensive Port Master Plan Update March, 2014
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