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Port of Los Angeles Leadership

Port of Los Angeles Organizational Chart 2016-17

Leadership Team

Gene Seroka   Eugene Seroka, Executive Director

Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Port of Los Angeles, the Executive Director administers all policies developed by the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners and provides overall direction regarding the daily operation of the Port. All orders, rules, and regulations adopted by the Board are implemented through the Executive Director.

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Marla Bleavins   Marla Bleavins, Deputy Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer

The Deputy Executive Director of Finance and Administration also serves as the Port's Chief Financial Officer and oversees Commission Office and Finance and Administration, which includes Accounting, Contracts and Purchasing, Debt and Treasury Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Internal Management Audit, and Risk Management divisions. Manages the Port's annual budget.

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Antonio Gioiello   Antonio Gioiello, Deputy Executive Director, Development

The Deputy Executive Director of Development oversees the Port's Development Group, which includes Construction, Construction and Maintenance, Engineering, and Goods Movement divisions.

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Michael DiBernardo   Michael DiBernardo, Deputy Executive Director, Marketing and Customer Relations

The Deputy Executive Director of Marketing and Customer Relations oversees the Port's Cargo Marketing, Cargo and Industrial Real Estate, Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate, Environmental Management, Planning and Strategy, and Wharfinger divisions.

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Thomas Gazsi   Thomas Gazsi, Deputy Executive Director, Chief of Public Safety and Emergency Management

The Deputy Executive Director of Chief of Public Safety and Emergency Management also serves as Chief of Los Angeles Port Police and oversees the Los Angeles Pilot Service, and Port's Information Technology divisions.

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David Libatique   David Libatique, Deputy Executive Director, Stakeholder Engagement

The Deputy Executive Director of Stakeholder Engagement oversees the Port's external communications through the Community Relations, Media Relations, Government Affairs, Trade Development, and Labor Relations and Workforce Development divisions.

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Finance and Administration


Commission Office

Commission Office staff is responsible for maintaining complete and accurate minutes of all records for all Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners and Committee meetings. The Office also publishes orders, resolutions and notices, prepares and distributes agendas and issues official communications regarding Board proceedings.



Accounting Division is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Port, financial reporting and analysis, administration of financial accounting activities, such as validating and processing ledgers, administration of petty cash, and the recording and analysis of financial transactions, as well as maintaining a system of internal controls to safeguard Port assets.

Frank Liu, Director of Accounting


Contracts and Purchasing

Contracts and Purchasing Division provides a fair, objective selection process for all of the Port's agreements and procurement opportunities. The Division actively seeks the participation of all qualified vendors, consultants and contractors in the Port’s contracting processes and is available to assist Port staff involved in contractor selection, administration and monitoring. It is the role of the Contracts and Purchasing Division to perform its duties in conformance with all Department/City policies and procedures, while adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Tricia Carey, Director of Contracts and Purchasing


Debt and Treasury Management

Debt and Treasury Management Division manages the Department’s cash resources, including investment portfolios of restricted cash balances, and short-term cash forecasting. The section is also responsible for issuing and servicing bonded debt, administering the Commercial Paper Program, custodianship of security instruments held as deposit, and administering loans.

Soheila Sajadian, Director of Debt and Treasury Management


Financial Management

Financial Management Division controls the Department's annual budget and is responsible for all functions related to financial analysis and credit/collections. Financial analysis involves lease negotiations, lease price structures, rate of return and performance analyses; preparation of the long-term financial/business model used in strategic business planning and financing decisions; and independent financial analyses as requested. Credit/collection involves obtaining timely payments of funds owed to the Port pursuant to various leases/contracts, assessing the credit quality of prospective and existing customers, and making recommendations on establishment, expansion or curtailment of credit.

Jeffrey Strafford, Director of Financial Management


Human Resources

Human Resources Division is responsible for providing personnel-related services including the selection, retention and development of a diverse workforce. Since most of the Department’s staff is represented by labor organizations, this division represents the Department in communications with these organizations, reviews and makes recommendations regarding salary and benefit changes, and assists in resolving grievances and disciplinary matters. Human Resources is also responsible for logistics support including mail delivery, records retention and pool car coordination.

Tish Lorenzana, Director of Human Resources


Internal Management Audit

Internal Management Audit Division is responsible for the examination and evaluation of Port operating and internal control procedures to ensure effectiveness in achieving the Department's objectives.

Jim Olds, Departmental Audit Manager


Risk Management

Risk Management Division plans, directs and coordinates the insurance programs of the Harbor Department to control risk and loss. This includes the classification of risk, measurement of financial impacts of that risk, selection of techniques to manage loss, negotiations of insurance coverage and implementation of safety and loss prevention programs.

Kathryn Merkovsky, Director of Risk Management





Construction Division administers construction contracts and provides survey, construction inspection and materials testing services.

Shaun Shahrestani, Chief Harbor Engineer


Construction and Maintenance

Construction and Maintenance Division, which is housed at Berth 161, provides 24-hour, seven-days-a week support for the maintenance, repair, alteration and reconstruction of Harbor Department-owned facilities and infrastructure. Staff assigned to this division possess skills in traditional crafts such as electrical services, plumbing, carpentry, vehicle and equipment maintenance, painting, custodial services and gardening, as well as in more specialized fields such as the maintenance and repair of marine vessels and container cranes, pile driving and heavy equipment operation. Selected services are also provided to Port customers on a reimbursable basis, as time and scheduling permit.

Tim Clark, Director of Construction and Maintenance



Engineering Division is responsible for all design plans, specifications and other contract documents necessary for the construction of new facilities and for any modifications to existing Port facilities. Permits, mapping and facility records retention are also under the jurisdiction of this division.

David Walsh, Chief Harbor Engineer


Goods Movement

Goods Movement Division is responsible for administering a comprehensive goods movement policy that will be applicable to all terminal operators and the shipping, trucking, and railroad companies servicing the terminals and other facilities at the Port. The Division is also responsible for evaluating proposed goods movement programs and initiatives being developed by various governmental agencies and private companies working in the maritime transportation sector and identifying the feasibility of such initiatives with respect to improving transportation efficiencies and minimizing costs.

Kerry Cartwright, Director of Goods Movement


Marketing and Customer Relations


Cargo and Industrial Real Estate

The Cargo and Industrial Real Estate Division is responsible for revenue generation from tenant occupancies, administers lease agreements, prepares analyses of proposed land uses, and prepares and administers programs related to land acquisitions and sales, fee adjustments, etc. This division is also responsible for the maintenance of Department buildings and properties.

Jack Hedge, Director of Cargo and Industrial Real Estate


Cargo Marketing

Cargo Marketing Division is responsible for developing new business, retaining current business and responding to customer’s needs by providing superior customer service. This division serves as the link to the customer and is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining their satisfaction. Local Port staff expertise combined with a representative office in Taiwan, the division communicates directly with beneficial cargo owners, shipping lines, cruise lines and terminal operators to grow business, gain market intelligence and facilitate the movement of cargo.

Eric Caris, Director of Cargo Marketing


Environmental Management

Environmental Management Division assesses environmental impacts of development projects and determines appropriate mitigation measure as appropriate. Divisional duties include the preparation and distribution of any environmental documentation mandated by state and federal law; special studies involving dredging, noise abatement, water quality and air quality; contamination characterizations; wildlife management; and establishment of policies regarding environmental quality issues.

Christopher Cannon, Director of Environmental Management


Planning and Strategy

Planning and Strategy Division prepares and maintains a long-range Port Master Plan which guides the future development of the Port consistent with the provisions of the California Coastal Act. In addition, this division provides economic studies of proposed operational and facilities development as well as research projects including statistical analysis based on cargo trends and market projections. The division is also responsible for developing and managing economic development initiatives, strategies, and programs with the Port that are consistent with the City’s overall program for creating employment opportunities within the international trade and goods movement sectors of the economy, both City-wide and in the local harbor community.

Michael Keenan, Director of Planning and Strategy


Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate

Includes the Port's retail and commercial space, marinas, and the LA Waterfront, a series of waterfront development and community enhancement projects blanketing more than 400 acres of existing Port of Los Angeles property in both San Pedro and Wilmington.

Michael J. Galvin, Director of Waterfront and Commercial Real Estate



Wharfinger Division monitors all waterborne activities occurring within Port areas, and serves as a primary contact for the operational needs of customers and in the collection of all shipping service fees governed by the Port of Los Angeles Tariff. Operationally, the Wharfingers monitor the use of Port facilities by verifying shipping contract compliance, coordinating vessel berthing requirements, interpreting the Tariff and performing inspections of facilities. Wharfingers also compile and produce statistical reports on all cargo activities and prepare, publish and file the Tariff amendments.

Damien Young, Interim Chief Wharfinger


Public Safety and Emergency Management


Emergency Management

Emergency Management is critical to the well-being of Port employees, customers and visitors. This goal of Emergency Management Division within the Los Angeles Port Police is to improve the ability to respond and protect the Port community and its infrastructure in the event of any disaster or act of terrorism is vitally important to maintain, recover and resume commerce. Enforcement strategies include training, risk assessment and mitigation planning. This Division works cooperatively with other port divisions to make sure assessments are conducted and resiliency is achieved.


Information Technology

Information Technology Division operates, maintains, develops and monitors the information technology requirements and infrastructure of the Port. A primary goal is to increase departmental productivity through the use of technology.

Lance Kaneshiro, Chief Information Officer


Los Angeles Pilot Service

Los Angeles Pilot Service directs the safe movement of vessels in and out of the Port in cooperation with various navigational safety and enforcement agencies.

John Dwyer, Chief Port Pilot

David Flinn, Chief Port Pilot


Los Angeles Port Police

As California peace officers, the Los Angeles Port Police are charged with ensuring the safe and uninterrupted operation of the Port through the enforcement of various, City, state and federal laws and regulations. The force maintains a 24-hour land and water patrol for the protection of persons, property, facilities and the environment. The Port Police direct the Department’s emergency preparedness and response activities, including liaison with other agencies in the event of a natural disaster or other widespread emergency.

Thomas Gazsi, Chief of Public Safety and Emergency Management


Stakeholder Engagement



Oversees the Port's advertising program and Communications Group, which includes Media Relations, Community Relations, and Graphic Services, which provides Department-wide support services in the areas of print and audiovisual production, as well as event production support.

Arley M. Baker, Senior Director, Communications


Community Relations

Community Relations Division is responsible for outreach programs to engage community members, students, civic groups, business groups, and other stakeholder audiences throughout Southern California. The division manages a majority of Port-sponsored events, community outreach programs, educational programs, advertising, and marketing support activities.

Theresa Adams Lopez, Director of Community Relations


Government Affairs

Government Affairs Division augments intergovernmental advocacy at a critical time of increasing engagement with local, regional, state, federal, and even transnational and international levels of government.


Labor Relations and Workforce Development

The goal of the Port's Labor Relations and Workforce Development Division is to engage and maintain positive relationships with labor unions, while supporting workforce development in the Goods Movement sector across the region. To foster this development, the Port of Los Angeles is currently partnering with labor, industry, and other institutional organizations to establish innovative training programs that would be located at the Port.

Avin Sharma, Director of Labor Relations and Workforce Development


Media Relations

Media Relations Division responds to media inquiries, establishes and maintains relationships with local and international media, and strives for accuracy in resulting media coverage and Port messaging. Media support includes scheduling and coordinating tours, press conferences, interviews, editorial submissions, photography and video shoots. Media Relations also manages all digital and social media on behalf of the Port of Los Angeles.

Phillip Sanfield, Director of Media Relations


Trade Development

Trade Development Division's mission is to connect U.S. businesses throughout America with overseas trade opportunities, particularly exports. With special attention to small- and medium-sized firms, the division helps to educate and connect businesses through hosting international workshops and export education programs, and outreaching with various private business associations and government agencies through the Port's Trade Connect Program.

Jim MacLellan, Director of Trade Development


City Attorney


Los Angeles City Attorney (Harbor Department)

As the legal advisor for the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners and Harbor Department staff, the City of Los Angeles Office of the City Attorney renders legal opinions on various laws and ordinances, assists in contract negotiations, represents the Department in all judicial and legal administrative proceedings, and litigates the settlement of claims.

Janna Sidley, General Counsel


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