Photo Gallery

Port of Los Angeles Photo Gallery

All photos are copyright of the Port of Los Angeles. Please credit the Port of Los Angeles as your photo source when reproducing any of these images, e.g. "Courtesy of the Port of Los Angeles." Do not alter, crop, edit, or modify images in any way. For more information, call Media Relations at (310) 732-0430.

Cargo Containers

Cargo containers at the Port of Los Angeles
Maersk Evora

Maersk Evora docked at Pier 400
Container Terminal

Container Terminal activity at Yusen Terminals

Ever Chivalry

Ever Chivalry at dock at EverPort Terminal.
Benjamin Franklin
CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, the largest containership to ever visit North America. 
Vincent Thomas Bridge
Illuminated Vincent Thomas Bridge and harbor lights twinkle at night. 

Sailboats near Angels Gate Lighthouse in Los Angeles Harbor.
Cars & Stripes Forever!®

Fireworks at Cars & Stripes Forever!® Kicking off Independence Day.
Live Performance

Live music performance on the LA Waterfront.
Boat Tour

The Port offers free public boat tours each year in May to celebrate World Trade Week.
Lunar New Year Festival

Lunar New Year Festival on the LA Waterfront.
Conquer The Bridge

Conquer the Bridge 5.3-mile walk/run on Labor Day.
Children playing at the park

Children playing in the park for Happy Harbor Halloween.
Dog wearing sunglasses

A dog wearing sunglasses at a Port of Los Angeles Pet Parade.
Fireworks over battleship

Fireworks over Battleship IOWA during LA Fleet Week®.
Truck on freeway

A truck approaches the Port complex from the freeway.
Container cranes and clouds

Cranes against a cloudy sky at West Basin Container Terminal.
Workers handle a ship connection

Workers plug into the Port's shore power program, AMP®.
Ship exhaust capturing system

Vessel emissions capturing system on a containership at the Port of Los Angeles.
Whale in outside port

A Pacific blue whale spotted in the waters outside Los Angeles Harbor.
Dolphins near a containership

Dolphins dance alongside a containership in the Los Angeles Main Channel.
Sea lions sleeping

California sea lions lounge on a bouy.
Sea bird hatching chicks

A California least tern protects her chicks from predators.

A burrowing owl hitches a ride on a container truck.