The following resources are available for elementary, middle, and high school teachers:

School Boat Tour Program

The Port of Los Angeles provides free one-hour educational tours aboard Harbor Breeze Cruises boats to school groups (fourth grade through college) to demonstrate the dynamics of world trade through the School Boat Tour Program. For more information, call (310) 732-3960 or email [email protected].

TransPORTer Program

The TransPORTer is a 53-foot fully-contained truck, with mobile exhibits and displays focusing on the history, jobs, cargo, equipment, environmental programs and future of the nation’s number one container port, featuring exciting, hands-on activities. Bring the excitement and activity of the Port of Los Angeles to your school. TransPORTer visits are available to schools in the Los Angeles area. A minimum participation of 400 students is required. To book your visit, fill out the TransPORTer School Visit Request Form and email it to [email protected].

TransPORTer FAQs

Classroom Materials