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Temporary Access (Daily) Permits

The Port is issuing “temporary access permits” to out-of-state and infrequent Licensed Motor Carriers (LMCs) that do not have a Port concession and make infrequent calls to the Port. The temporary access permits will allow entry of trucks operating under their authority into the Port’s marine terminals. They will be provided to LMCs that move cargo 24 times a year or less through the Port of Los Angeles, providing an easy process to gain entry to marine terminals without having to become concessionaires. Temporary access permits will only be made available to trucks that meet Port of Los Angeles ban requirements and these trucks will not be exempt from truck tariff fees.

To obtain a temporary access permit, a LMC will be able to visit the Temporary Access Permit website at www.mycleantrucks.com. There, easy to follow instructions will guide the LMC through the registration process. The LMC will be required to identify which port they will be dropping off or picking up cargo, and provide information on the truck being permitted. The Port has suspended the temporary access administration fee until further notice.

For more information about the Temporary Access Permit program or the Clean Truck Program, call 866-721-5686 or email POLA@tetratech.com.

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