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Teacher Materials

Below are links to teacher materials for the Port of Los Angeles School Boat Tour Program.  Clipboards, pens, check lists and quizzes will be available to your students during their boat tour.  The check list is recommended for elementary school students, and the middle school and high school quizzes are recommended accordingly. But you know your students best, so an upper elementary class may be well-suited for the middle school quiz, etc.  Please select the material of your choice for your class during your tour.  At the end of your tour, each school will be provided with a few promotional items to provide to the students of your choice upon returning to your school for answering questions correctly or however you see fit.  For your information, answer guides for the quizzes are also provided below.

                                RECOMMENDED FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS
                                School Boat Tour elementary school check list
                                RECOMMENDED FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS                           
                                School Boat Tour Quiz middle school
                                School Boat Tour Quiz middle school ANSWER GUIDE

                                RECOMMENDED FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS
                                School Boat Tour Quiz high school
                                School Boat Tour Quiz high school ANSWER GUIDE



We hope you too will bring your students aboard!

For more information about the
School Boat Tour Program, please call
(310) 732-3508 or email edtours@portla.org.

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