In June of 2016, the Port of Los Angeles Sustainable Freight Advisory Committee (now called the Sustainable Supply Chain Advisory Committee) was formed in the Summer of 2016 by City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka to evaluate technologies and make advisory recommendations for moving cargo more efficiently and advancing zero-emissions goods movement.

Using innovation, market transformation, and other tools, the Committee is also tasked to help the Port achieve and exceed the goals set forth in the Sustainable City pLAn, which calls for increasing the percentage of port-related goods movement trips using zero-emission technologies, as well as the California Governor’s Executive Order B-32-15, also known at the California Sustainable Freight Action Plan, which aims to enhance freight efficiency, transition to zero emission technology, and increase competitiveness.

Goods movement is a key industry cluster in Los Angeles, providing one of every nine jobs in our region, but also contributing to the nation’s dirtiest air. The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and the logistics industry supporting them constitute the largest source of pollution in the South Coast Air Basin. Adoption of cleaner technologies is a must for public health and to ensure we meet federal attainment goals, but it is also vital for our economic future. By allowing us to move more cargo while decreasing overall emissions, zero and near zero technologies will enable new port development which is crucial to maintaining our status as the number one cargo port in the United States.

Los Angeles has made tremendous progress toward improving air quality and reducing the environmental impacts of Port operations in recent years—including reducing diesel particulate matter in the harbor region by 85% since 2005, NOx by 52%, GHG emissions by 18%, all while increasing container volume by 7%—but there is more work to be done. Each committee member’s expertise and knowledge of the goods movement sector, advanced clean transportation technologies, community considerations and stakeholder engagement will provide significant value to this effort.

Committee Members:


Stephen Cadden

Executive Director,
Coalition for Responsible Transportation


Louis Dominguez

Chair of the Port and Environment Committee,
Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council

Michele Grubbs

Vice President,
Pacific Merchant Shipping Association

Joe Lyou

President & CEO,
Coalition for Clean Air and Governor’s Appointee to the South Coast AQMD Governing Board

Adrian Martinez

Staff Attorney,

Cynthia Marvin

Division Chief, Transportation and Toxics
California Air Resources Board

Matt Miyasato

Deputy Executive Officer, Science & Technology Advancement Office,
South Coast Air Quality Management District

Peter Peyton

Former President,
International Longshore & Warehouse Union, Marine Clerks Association


Marnie Primmer

Interim Executive Director,

Jonathan Rosenthal

Portfolio Manager,
Saybrook Capital


Stella Ursua

Green Education Inc.

Staff & Resources:

pola-advisor-headshot-faber-lauren-450x600City of Los Angeles Representative

Lauren Faber O’Connor

Chief Sustainability Officer at the City of Los Angeles

pola-advisor-headshot-taylor-mark-450x600City of Long Beach Representative

Mark Taylor

Chief of Staff at the City of Long Beach

Port of Los Angeles Representative

Chris Cannon

Director of Environmental Management Division & Chief Sustainability Officer

pola-advisor-headshot-tomley-heather-450x600Port of Long Beach Representative

Heather Tomley

Director of Environmental Planning

Technical Support

Gladstein, Neandross and Associates

Clean Transportation and Energy Consulting Firm


Between June 2016 and June 2017, the Committee met monthly to study and identify strategies and technologies for zero and near-zero emission goods movement operations, potential partners, public and private financial resources and/or other approaches that can assist in achieving the greatest air quality benefit in the shortest amount of time possible. The report below is a summary of the recommendations made during the one year term and recommended next steps.



The Committee began meeting in July of 2016. Following each monthly committee meeting, a summary of what was discussed and any action items are posted here.

*In June, the Committee met with the Mayor’s office and developed an annual report, which is published above in the “one year summary report” section. Therefore, a monthly meeting summary was not developed for June. The Committee agreed to meet every other month moving forward and therefore did not meet in July. 

*In September, the Committee held a roundtable discussion with heavy-duty truck OEMs, which was a different format than the usual Committee meetings. This change in format and content is reflected in the meeting summary. 


The Committee submits recommendations to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Port’s Executive Director Gene Seroka. As recommendations are made, they are posted here.