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Berths 226-236 | Everport Terminal Services

Everport Terminal Services
389 Terminal Island Way
Terminal Island, CA 90731
(310) 221-0220

Use: containerized cargo; on wheel and grounded
Land area: 205 acres (82 hectacres)
Total berth length: 3200'
Berths: 3
Water depth: 45'
Terminal features: 5 Super post-Panamax cranes; 3 post-Panamax cranes; transtainers; side-handlers; UTRs; bombcarts; tophandlers; refrigerated container plugs; on-dock rail; M and R; AMP®
Shipping lines: Evergreen Marine Corporation, Hatsu Marine Ltd., Italia Marittima S.P.A., Hanjin, Cosco
Appointment Sytem: Imports; eModal

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