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In L.A., It's All About Networking.

For the past decade, the Port of Los Angeles has moved more containers than any other port in the nation, more than doubling volumes during this time. Our success is not a coincidence. The Port of Los Angeles has heavily invested to ensure that shippers worldwide have the advantage of at least three major business drivers: superior cargo terminals, rail and warehouse infrastructure and services between dock and destination.

At the Port of Los Angeles, our team of professionals focuses on working with customers to determine their needs for today and anticipate their needs for tomorrow. Our state-of-the-art facilities are moving the goods and we’re aggressively modernizing for the decades to come.

The L.A. Trade Gateway is the best option for moving cargo in and out of the most heavily populated region in the western U.S. and beyond. We are home to the nation’s largest on-dock rail assets, providing the highest frequency of intermodal access to 14 major freight hubs across the United States.

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