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Big Ship ActiveAs the leading gateway for trade between the U.S. and Asia, the Port of Los Angeles and supply chain partners provide outstanding cargo conveyance through:

  • modernized and "big ship active" marine terminal facilities
  • the largest workforce of skilled longshore labor
  • warehouse and trans-loading centers to meet the needs of every shipper
  • the nation's largest and newest drayage fleet
  • rail connections that offer frequency and speed-to-market access to major freight hubs across the U.S.


The Port of Los Angeles is an economic engine with a wide array of diverse uses and community benefits. The Port's success has been built upon its unique value proposition that provides for infrastructure-supporting economies of scale, as well as fast, consistent access to national markets. The Port's container business accounts for more than 80 percent of revenue and thousands of jobs in the region. Maintaining containerized cargo business is necessary to continue to invest in the future of the Port and community.






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