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Welcome from the Executive Director

Gene Seroka, Executive Director

Welcome to the Port of Los Angeles – the nation’s number one container port and leader in container volume and cargo value. The Port of Los Angeles is America’s Port® and recognized throughout the world as a global model for sustainability, security, and social responsibility.

The Port is proud to be a vital economic engine both regionally and nationally. Global trade and goods movement are Southern California’s strongest industries in terms of jobs and economic activity. The Port of Los Angeles powers these industries, handling almost a quarter of the cargo that enters the United States each year.

Over the years, the Port has also built a strong reputation for environmental stewardship, carefully balancing growth with pollution-reducing measures that have made our Port one of the cleanest and greenest in the world. The Port of Los Angeles will continue down this road with a focus on facilitating an efficient, clean, and reliable flow of goods, through developed, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Whenever you visit Los Angeles, be sure to visit the LA Waterfront. Over the last decade, the Port has revitalized and firmly established an exciting destination for Southern California residents and visitors. The LA Waterfront is the stage of dozens of events each year, many of which are sponsored by the Port of Los Angeles and free to the public.

Whether you are a member of the shipping industry, harbor community, media, or an international partner, this website is the best resource for information about the Port of Los Angeles. This site is updated regularly, so visit often to stay connected.

For the latest news and developments about the Port of Los Angeles, follow us on social media or visit our LAtitude e-newsletter.

Gene Seroka
Executive Director

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