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Sister and Friendship Ports

The Port of Los Angeles has 10 sister port agreements with ports around the world.

Sister port relationships strengthen the economic and commercial bond between the respective countries, which focus on technology and operational improvements, and allow sharing components of environmental programs and policies regarding air quality, water quality and wildlife habitats to better both harbors. A sister port agreement may also call for the sharing of various information in port infrastructure improvement, commercial facilities development, port operation and to cooperate for trade vitalization and service improvement.

Sister Port Agreements

Port of Nagoya, Japan (1959)
Port of Tokyo, Japan (1987)
Port of Keelung, Taiwan (1988)
Port of Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico (1997)
Saigon Port, Vietnam (1999)
Sydney Ports Corporation, Australia (2004)
Port of Valparaiso, Chile (2004)
Port of Kaosiung, Taiwan (1988)
Port of Busan, Korea (2006)
Israel Ports (2008)

The Port of Los Angeles has four friendship port agreements with ports around the world.

Friendship Port Agreements

Guangzhou Port, People’s Republic of China (1984)
Shanghai Port Authority, People’s Republic of China (1998)
Port of Dalian, People’s Republic of China (2004)
Port of Incheon, South Korea (2007)

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