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1 in 9

Did you know that one in nine jobs in the greater Los Angeles region are connected to the San Pedro Bay Port Complex? #1in9 is a new video series by the Port of Los Angeles, spotlighting some of its stakeholders, ranging from community members to major corporations. From glass artists to tugboat operators, the series highlights the different careers and industries supported by trade through the Port of Los Angeles and surrounding five-county region.



“What is #1in9?”

An introduction to the new series #1in9.



“Jane Skeeter with UltraGlas in Chatsworth”

Premiere: Interview with Jane Skeeter, CEO, Founder, and President of UltraGlas, Inc., an architectural designer and manufacturer of specialty glass in Chatsworth, Calif.



“Josiah Layfield with Harley Marine Services in San Pedro”

Episode 2: Interview with interview Josiah Layfield, a tugboat captain for Harley Marine Services in San Pedro, Calif.



Julien Perri with PHL in Wilmington”

Episode 3: Interview with interview Julien Perri, a train mechanic for Pacific Harbor Line in Wilmington, Calif.




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