Success Stories



The export market holds great potential for domestically-focused businesses to expand in to the global arena.  For nearly two decades, Trade Connect, the Port of Los Angeles’ award-winning export education outreach program, has offered free seminars designed to educate small and midsize businesses on how to grow their sales internationally, through exports.  Below are a few of Trade Connect's success stories, companies that have attended Trade Connect's Export University and are now successfully exporting their products to countries around the world.

Glass lava panel from Hawaiian airport


Since 1987, UltraGlas has provided a unique brand of architectural glass which has become the glass of choice among the world’s distinguished architects and designers. UltraGlas is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of designed architectural glass and glass tile. With a full complement of glass fabrication techniques and innovative processes, the company holds a patent on products made from 100% recycled glass, and has developed permanent unleaded coloration for tiles and architectural glass. Jane Skeeter, CEO and Founder of UltraGlas, Inc., is a regular spokesperson at Trade Connect events, and she credits her success in taking her company from 'garage to global' to Trade Connect's Export University.

Man in Phenix Fire Helmet


For the first two decades, Phenix Technology Inc. only sold their domestically manufactured and innovative firefighter hats and accessories to international customers upon request, without a formal export strategy in place.  By 2011, the company had saturated the domestic market, supplying over 90% of domestic firefighters with their product. Recognizing that nearly 95% of potential future customers were located outside of the United States, Phenix Technology Inc. then set the goal to double annual sales by expanding their sales through exports. Through Trade Connect’s Export University, Phenix Technology Inc. has met and surpassed this goal, and enjoys ongoing success both domestically and internationally.  

Starport Foods logo


Starport Foods® offers an innovative world of international flavors to the foodservice industry through their product line of Asian and fusion sauces and seasonings, specializing in the formulation, production, marketing and distribution of authentic Asian and Pan-Asian foods. Starport Foods® began by selling in the United States only, and has successfully expanded their sales to the international restaurant market through exports. Chefs worldwide are now able to create consistent dishes, while saving time and labor costs, with Starport's consistent regional flavor profiles. Cheryl Tsang, Owner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, credits Starport's success in the export market to Trade Connect's Export University.