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As a business, you may be a bit apprehensive about exporting.  This is where Trade Connect comes in.  Trade Connect offers free educational export seminars for all levels—from introductory to advanced—for small and midsize businesses interested in exploring or expanding their businesses overseas.  Sponsored by the Port of Los Angeles, all seminars are free and conducted in cooperation with various government agencies, professional associations and trade industry experts. Visit our calendar page to view and register for upcoming seminars or just get connected with Trade Connect to be notified of upcoming seminars and other events.

Exporting Basics (Intro)
This introductory seminar provides an overview of exporting basics, with the goal of assisting small and medium-sized businesses’ entry into international markets. It summarizes the key elements of exporting, including costs, risks and steps involved, and introduces participants to valuable resources and services.
Beyond the Basics (Intermediate)
For businesses that want to learn more after a Trade Connect introductory session, these more intensive follow-up seminars focus on a single export topic in more detail.  Taught by industry experts, the seminars go into greater depth on elements such as export finance and insurance, protection of intellectual property, risk management, and different countries’ cultural, and business customs.  
Export University (Advanced Series)
Export University is a multi-part educational program for new and ready-to-export companies designed to support business planning, decision making and preparation for adding or expanding export activities.  Export University is comprised of ten 4-hour sessions over several weeks.  Segments cover export readiness, sales techniques, international business cultures, matchmaking, legal do’s and don’ts, finding and entering foreign markets, and more.  Seminars are led by subject matter industry experts, who can also provide a wide range of public and professional support resources.  Trade Connect has partnered with the District Export Council of Southern California and the U.S. Department of Commerce to present this series under the banner of Export University.  
Emerging Markets (Topic Specific) 
These seminars focus on the Port of Los Angeles’ main and emerging markets, with the goals of providing updated market conditions and assisting with networking to facilitate increased trade with these countries.  Examples would include seminars on trade opportunities in regions such as Asia and Latin America (West Coast), but can also focus on individual countries. 
Specialized Commodities (Topic Specific)
These seminars cover targeted export sectors such as agriculture, plastics, food products, apparel, cosmetics, vitamins, green tech, aerospace etc.  Companies are grouped based on their core competency and harmonized code system.  Subject matter experts who specialize in each product or industry area provide information specific to that industry.  Presentations often include information on trade shows in the specific sector, both domestic and international. 

Seminars are supported with essential resources provided by the following government entities:
U.S. Department of Commerce / U.S. Commercial Service, International Trade Admin.
U.S. Export Import Bank
U.S. Small Business Administration, Export Assistance Center
District Export Council of Southern California, Advisory Council, U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz)
California State Trade Expansion Program (STEP)
California International Trade Center / California Community Colleges
Port of Los Angeles 
Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA)
Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)